Friday, December 12, 2014

Off the Wall Friday

As my work marathon comes to an end, I realized why balance in my life is so important.  I love my my job, but even I am after 112 hrs, 672 phone calls and many, many, "Thank you for shopping with us and have a Merry Christmas" am tired of taking orders!  So I promise, this is my last No-blog blog and I'll be creating next week, like regular!

So let me just ask. . .

What have you been up to creatively?


  1. Oh boy, sounds like you really deserve a break! Enjoy your creative time when you finally get back to it.

  2. What they say around here is to make hay while the sun shines! Hope you will get some studio time soon.

  3. It takes much patience to be out in the shopping world as you are. I wish you well... may the rest of your holiday be wonderful!

  4. Take care of yourself during this exhausting time, Nina Marie. Wishing you lots of creative fun in your studio! best, deborah

  5. Does this mean you have quit your day job? LOL I am trying to ease up on my schedule a bit to make time for creative endeavors as well. There is SO SO SO much I want to do and it seems like I just never have the time. I have some ideas spinning in my head and I need some projects with instant gratification as these year long - or several year long projects - aren't bringing me joy right now. I'll be watching. ;)


Thank you so much for your comment! Its great to get feedback!!!