Friday, October 3, 2014

Good Things in Small Packages - Off the Wall Friday

First of all, let me say a big Thank You for the well wishes.  For the first time in months, I'm feeling like my normal self.  So many things have fallin' by the wayside, that its going to take a while for me to catch up!  I have a new empathy for people who are chronically ill - that's for sure!

So along the line of catching up, it dawned on me that Sandy's Open Studio event was less than a month away!  How did that happen??  She and I had talked about this year creating some art especially for the event.  The idea is that if the pieces were simple enough and priced reasonably enough, they would appeal to a larger audience.

Although this is a great idea, I swear, I don't have a clue of how to make something small and simple.  I mean isn't More is More??  It seems to me that I'm of the mindset that if it takes a lot of time and its really big than it must be a good piece.  Which of course, isn't true but it must be the over achiever in me!

So today I dug deep and tried to create a quick and simple piece.   I think that this piece although simple is pretty.  I always thought it was cheating to let the pretty hand dyes carry the piece, but now that I'm doing all the hand dyeing, I guess I'm changing my tune.  With some nice quick quilting to add texture this piece will be done. (please be mindful that getting handdyed fabric to photograph like it really looks is near impossible with my point and shoot camera!)

With small pieces you can experiment and  try new things.  You can use them as springboards to larger pieces.  You can sell them cheap.. . .grin.  Let's see how many I can get done this month!

So what have been up to creatively?


  1. I agree with you......making small art specifically to sell at a lower price point is so difficult.....but it looks like you have a good start!

  2. I too find simple hard to do but really simple is better. Let the fabric do the work - it is beautiful!

  3. Glad you are feeling better! I find it impossible to keep it simple. Your piece is lovely and the color and texture is divine. Nothing wrong with letting the artistry of the hand dye carry the piece. Simply beautiful!

  4. Making small art is such a good way to get back in 'the groove'. Love yours.

  5. I have been so busy that I haven't been checking the blogs as of late - I had no idea you were sick! I am so sorry to hear it. I'm glad that you are on the mend, but still, I feel for you and hope you are back your self and finding that needed time for creativity.

  6. Good luck on the small quilts. I like the falling leaves and simplicity. And experimenting.

  7. Nina Marie: So glad you are feeling better! I can't get the first link to work - the one titled Frixon pen. Is it just me? Or is the link broken?


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