Friday, April 18, 2014

Things I've Learned From Project Runway - Off the Wall Friday

As I was changing the design of my April assignment - Again - it  got me thinking of the designers  of Project Runway.  They, too,  had to create on a deadline and put up their work for public critique.  Of course, they were competing for prizes in the 6 figures - but still - I  can empathize with how hard the whole process is.

It also got me thinking of the valuable lessons I've learned from watching 11 seasons of the show.

1.  Don't Give Up!  This one was important this week since I had to change my design - again!  Elizabeth found the primary shape distracting and she was right but gosh!  again?!

2.  When an element of your design just doesn't feel right - it indeed is not right!  All along my inner voice was telling me that the shape wasn't right of that part - now if I just knew what the right shape was!

3. I don't have to take every critique to heart.   I am still in control of my art. 

 4. You don't have to jump on every bandwagon.  There are always new techniques coming out - new  trends - if you try all of them you won't be good at any of them.  In this retail driven country  - this one is really important to remember!

5.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  (I did that today by asking my critque partner for helping picking out pieces to enter in an up coming show!  Thanks Sandy!)

6.  People are always going to say obnoxious things about your work.  You can always see the humor in what they say and not take it to heart.

7.  And finally --  after trying a bunch of different ideas for my assignment.....

I had the ultimate Tim Gunn Moment and realized that I just needed to ...........

Thank you so much for indulging my Project Runway Obsession!!

So what have you been up to creatively?


  1. loving the marbled blue fabrics, the composition now makes me think of rockets and comets flying to the moon

  2. Nina.....this is such a creative and inspirational post.....I can only imagine how long it took you to create a big thank you for your dedication to your blog followers!!!

  3. What an excellent post! I feel alone in the trenches sometimes and I have struggled with every single assignment, this month's is no exception. Thank you for the great analogy and encouragement.

  4. Great blogpost, this from a PR fan. I like the colors and composition so far. Carry on!

  5. Your blog was so much fun to read today. I will have to keep all of that in mind!! I am a big project runway fan as well as under the gunn.
    Your design is looking good. I just submitted mine yesterday. I might have to use some of the things in your blog when I get my critique.

  6. Wow Nina-Marie, you are so thoughtful and what great applications even in the midst of revision downers!! thank you for sharing! deborah

  7. Great advice from project runway! I have done squat art wise but I've gotten a lot of quilting done nonetheless. ;) Great to see what you've been up to! ;)

  8. Nina-Marie, I loved your list of the ways PR has helped you. I agree with what you have listed. All very valuable items. I love PR no matter what is going on with it. A good season or not. Maggie

  9. Great post. Excellent advice. I don't have a post this week. Little time for play. Must do better next week! I miss it. But check out my blogpost about the borzoi pups.......precious

  10. I loved your analogy--don't have to be PR fan to enjoy it (I don't have a TV or I might be a fan.) I most identified with #2--knowing something is wrong but not knowing what is right. And the last one.

    Of the two revisions you show, I like the one on the right, with the new arrow pointing sideways, best.

  11. Nina I have watched all 11 seasons of PR too! It has too much drama now, but it is the one show where they are creating something from nothing.


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