Friday, March 22, 2013

A Break from Stitching for Off the Wall Friday

The view from my sewing table (yes that's today's view!)

  Well I'm into hour 6 of the quilting work on Sign Signs.  And its going well.  Very Well!  Do you want to know why??  Because I'm quilting on my new Horizon sewing table that Paul whipped up last Saturday.  OMG!  It makes a big difference having a sewing table that actually fits you.  Not to mention proper lighting, a great view and Pandora going with your fav music.  I think I'm going to love my studio.

  Did you ever notice that once in a while, you get something new and it will literally change your life?  I mean for me it was. . . . the  internet (it connected me to the world),  my mp3 player (1000's of songs with you at all times) and my clover needle thread ( hours and hours saved threading itsy-bitsy needles).  Seriously, what did I do without these things??   Now I can add my new handy-dandy sewing table.  I'm so glad I decided to put it against the window so I could look out.  I mean there is so much happening out in Albion, PA and now - like my neighbors - I won't miss a thing!  That said, twice Paul has already walked up and bothered scared me since I didn't notice him coming in my studio.  (I really gotta put a Do Not DISTURB (on threat of death) sign up).

  Anyways - here's a sneak preview of the stitching. I have a habit of using little posties to remind me where I want to put more stitching since when the piece is big like this - I tend to get lost while stitching.   I've already gone through one 250 yd spool plus 3 Bottom line bobbins.  Normally I'm a huge thread snob - but this time I had a spool of Clarks Double Duty that was just the right base color I wanted to use.  I'm now into some really nice King Tut that is going to add a little subtle color change.  I should finish up the bricks tonight.

  I have work tomorrow - then Saturday off for the final placement of the stitched signs (I'm still finishing up the last one - its been crazy at work with all the senior seniors getting their spring wardrobes!).  I have no idea how I'm going to attached the sign - but I'm leaning toward the idea of making a coarse running stitch with embroidery thread - hmmmmm - I'm going to have to think on that a bit! I better think fast though - this piece needs to be turned in on Sunday for the jury process at the Erie Art Museum's Spring Show.

So what I have you been up to creatively??


  1. "Lovely" view ... brrrr, it's supposed to be spring now !! Cool idea to just use post-its. Good luck with finishing your quilt - it looks great already !

  2. I can't believe you have snow! We are sweating down here already. I saw on the news today where they want to arrest Puxatauny Phil for lying to them.

    Your wall is looking good!

  3. I think you already DO love your studio! Even with that scary hubby making you jump every time he comes by for a visit. :)
    And, I just bet you'll come up with the perfect way to finish Signs. Post on Sunday!

  4. Having a room with a view is fabulous..along with the table that fits you. Great work!

  5. uhh, I went to the table link and it brings up two guys singing about Harry Potter! I would really love to see your table. Please share!

  6. Nina, just realized where you live. We lived in Meadville, PA for years. It was a great place to raise children but my husband got tired of shoveling snow over his head to clear out the drive.
    Glad you are in your new studio. I love mind.

  7. The link is now fixed - plus if anybody wants to see a more in depth view of the table - Paul did a blog post on it - I'll link his blog!

  8. Very interesting process- I am interested to see the final "Signs"- looks like you are getting close. Love the post-it idea...

  9. aren't we lucky gals to have husbands who are handy with tools and support us in such fine ways? (that said, i sure do wish you luck with your Don't You Dare Disturb Me sign.) (the need for such a sign is another thing we have in common.) can't wait to see this piece finished. go forth and stitch your way through the weekend, girlfriend. (and maybe attach a small rear-view mirror on your sewing table . . . )


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