Friday, May 18, 2018

Vacation Inspiration - Off the Wall Friday

Once again, I'd like to apologize for messing up the link up last Friday.  You'd think that after nearly 300  times of doing it I could do it in my sleep.  In fact, there have been weeks that I HAVE done it in my sleep - grin.  But still let me tell you, Disney World wiped me out.

An Average WDW Day
That all said, we had a great time.  There was so much to see and do and eat and hear. . .well there was SO MUCH.  Included in there was inspiration.  Now this time I promised myself I wasn't going to spend the whole time taking pictures like I have in the past, but I did manage to take some that interested me at the moment.  I thought I could use these as ideas for future projects.

With vacation season upon us, here are some ideas to take your photos and turn them into vacation inspiration!

Art Work Photos 

 Take pictures of art work that gives you ideas of what you can do next.  This is an amazing wall fiber piece on the wall of Tiffins, a signature restaurant in Animal kingdom.  They had it commissioned for the restaurant with a crazy quilt kind of backing and paper lantern animals on top.

Favorite Places

Take pictures of favorite places or attractions and play with your photo editor to give them a new look.  THEN use that for inspiration.  This of course is Hollywood Studio's Tower of Terror  which was NOT one of my favorites since I'm not a thrill rider.  But since I waited outside while my husband rode, I had time to take the picture.  My favorite ride in all of WDW is Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom.

Candid Moments

Everyone's photo files are filled with posed pictures of the holidays and vacation.  But really what I want to remember are the quiet candid moments you can catch with your camera.  Here is one of Paul on Magic Kingdom's People Mover.  The People Mover goes all around Tomorrowland and its one of the few places you can have a quiet moment.  Not to mention look how cool the curve of the line is!

Favorite Textures and Patterns 
 Let me tell you, once you start looking, there are really great patterns and textures all over the place.  In fact I had to promise myself getting caught up looking at them and stopping everyone around me to take a picture of them this vacation.

This is a street grade on main hub of the Magic Kingdom right in from of Cinderella's Castle.  One thing that Disney gets high marks in is the details in their themes.  Its overwhelming really.


 Don't forget that a lot of those pictures that you think didn't turn out all that well that can be turned into interesting abstracts.  Also big iconic shots can be cropped to find the more intimate bits inside.

I have a ton of blurry shots where I just snapped quick.  They all could be made into cool abstracts.

Thanks for letting me share some of 25th Anniversary trip pic's and ideas on what to do with all those vacation photos!!

So What Have You Been Up to Creatively?

Friday, May 11, 2018

Off the Wall Friday

We're home safe but after 10 days at Disney World you can imagine how exhausted we are.  I was so preoccupied with unpacking and getting back into the routine that I nearly forgot that today was Friday!!  So sorry this post is a bit late !

But tell me,

What Have You Been Up to Creatively?

Friday, May 4, 2018

On Vacation - Off the Wall Friday

Friday, April 27, 2018

Disney Bound! Off the Wall Friday

I plan on posting next week from the Walt Disney World!!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Let's Get Organized - Off the Wall Friday

Continuing with last week's spring revival theme.....I thought it was a good idea to revisit ways to organize your creative space.  Now I know there are some that thrive in a cluttered studio.  They seem to thrive on the chaos that surrounds them.  I, however, do not.  It stifles me and seems to close in on me.  With that in mind I try to keep just the bare essentials in my works space and those I like to keep organized.  Don't get me wrong, I can be the biggest clutter bug.  So I'm constantly fighting against that tendency with new organizing ideas.

Here are some I'd like to share.....

Shelve It
 Use containers and shelving in creative new ways.  First think of what you want to organize and then think of containers that will fit those objects.  For example, I tend to store my hand dyeds in big long shallow plastic containers since the pieces are all usually under a half yard and come in a ton of colors and values. These mostly were meant for under the bed storage but it works great for the many color and values of fabric I have. 

Use drawer dividers and small containers in your drawers. That way you can pull out what you need and replace it easily.  Place shelves in unused wall space, like above doors.  Then get baskets or containers that fit nicely on the shelves.


Get the Hang of It
For me horizontal surfaces are evil.  I tend to fill them up easily and then pile some more on top of that!  Its a never ending struggle.  That's when I discovered hanging things instead.  With a little bit of paint and electrical tape I turned an inexpensive pegboard into a hanging haven.  The board has changed as my needs have changed but it makes finding my things I use the most simple.  Love it!

Label It
This is a tip from my mother who loves to label.  There are such great label gadgets out there its a shame not to take advantage of them.  My mother's idea is that if the container is labeled or the shelf is labeled than it will be easier to put things back where they belong when its time to clean up. (I do want to say that I've never got the hang of using labels properly, but I'm quite sure that's a personal fault and not the labels themselves - grin)

Closet It
 Take advantage of any closet space you have in your studio or nearby rooms.  I personally use mobile storage carts to organize my dyes and paints.  Since I only use these a few times a year though, I roll the carts into a nearby closet  which also houses all my other dyeing paraphernalia.  I've also seen where closets have been converted into   pressing stations or other work spaces.

Just to let you know I practice what I preach.  This spring I've added much needed shelving to my studio and am looking for just the right containers to fit properly on it!




Friday, April 13, 2018

Rejoice in Spring - Off the Wall Friday

Its been a long winter.  . . .A very long winter here on the banks of Lake Erie.  Not only have we had nearly 200 inches of snow (yes you read that right - 200 inches) but its been cold and gray since November.  Cold and gray can eat at once soul and I'm afraid it has mine!  Even the first day of spring was welcomed in with inches of snow and below freezing temps.

Finally though spring is fighting back and we've had our first real break in the weather.  Its got me thinking of  how to mend my creative soul.  Spring has long been a time of rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation. Those are all concepts that girl could use after such a gray winter!  But how to do it???


When I say winter,  I mean all things cold and gray that hold you down.  Let go of the fear that you're not enough.  Let  go of the comparisons that weigh  down your creative soul.  Let go of the self-doubt of that next great idea.  Let go of harmful habits that only hurt instead of help


This one is literal and figurative.  Spring clean all the clutter that has accumulated over the winter.
Organize what is left.  You'll feel better with a tidy work space.  Also, spring clean all the things that you have been putting off in your life.  Been procrastinating about making a decision?  Decide and commit  and you'll feel better with that too!


This is a time to recommit yourself to those new year's resolutions that have been forgotten.  Its a perfect time to take stock of what is working in your life and give it new energy.  Look at forgotten projects and commit to finishing them.


All around you nature has come back to life.  This is a perfect time for you to give birth to new and interesting ideas.  Unplug for a while, take a quiet walk, soak in the sunshine and think.  Let it all soak in where once winter had only resided.  Take in new inspiration.  Use all your senses to awaken new ideas, new habits, new routines.

I plan to take my own advice and really work on these ideas.  I've been stuck in this cold dark cycle for too long!

Do you have any ideas that will help me jump start my spring?

Friday, April 6, 2018

Off the Wall Friday